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Baryshevo, the story of Experimental Plant

Кудрина Мария, 6-а класс
МБОУ Барышевская СОШ №9
Новосибирского района Новосибирской области
Учитель английского языка
Беспалько Кирикия Георгиевна

If you ever happen to visit Baryshevo, the village near Novosibirsk, where I was born, you will probably hear such words as “VIM” or “SibIME”. Do you know what these words mean?
In 1960, by order of the Soviet Ministry of Agriculture, the Siberian Institute of Mechanization (SIBVIM) was established in Baryshevo. In 1970, when the Siberian Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences was founded, it was renamed into ‘The SibIME Experimental Plant’.
Once the plant was constructed, new settlers- engineers, constructors, workers moved into new blocks-of-flats. The new residential area that sprang up on the banks of the river Inya among the beautiful pine forests got the name of VIM (that stands for Vsesoyuzniy Institute Mekhanizatsii). There also appeared new shops, a Palace of Culture, a kindergarten. You know, history is made by people. I am really proud that among those people who worked on the plant since its very inception were my grandparents, too.
In 1960-1970-ies, the experimental plant in Baryshevo had played an important part in piloting of layouts and specimens of agricultural machinery. Besides scientific research in agriculture, new machinery and hardware for agriculture and forestry, electric equipment for engines were produced on the plant. The details and machinery produced on the plant were highly acclaimed. In 1979, the research laboratories of SIBIME were transferred from Baryshevo to Krasnoobsk, where the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences is located.
Despite the fact that today the plant doesn’t fulfill its main functions to the full, VIM remains a big living area in the village, and an important part of our history.


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