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Беспалько Кирикия Георгиевна
Учитель английского языка
МБОУ Барышевская СОШ №9
Новосибирского района
Новосибирской области

Welcome to Baryshevo, one of the most beautiful Siberian villages located in the suburbs of Novosibirsk. Visitors will find ample opportunity to learn some historical facts, view the picturesque sights and other features as well.
The history of the village traces back to year 1775, when Cossack Baryshev, the former participant of Pugachev’s rebellion, seeking refuge from penal servitude, had spotted the place on the banks of the river Inya. Meanwhile, people were drawn to the place that later developed into a big village. Oral tradition has it that the peasants used to make their profits (baryshy) trading furs, fish, meat, and berries on the Siberian road which was the major transportation and trading route at that time.
Things have considerably changed over the course of years. As the time has advanced, so have towns and villages in Siberia, Baryshevo is no exception.
Today, Baryshevo encompasses within its territory 10 residential areas supervised by the Village Council. There’s a poultry farm, a rural experimental plant of mechanization, a brickyard, 2 schools, 3 kindergartens, and other social objects.
That being said, Baryshevo is more than the buildings within the village. It’s comprised of people who came before us, as well as those who now inhabit the village and shape the character of the local community.
Why not come and meet interesting people, enjoy our unique Siberian hospitality, learn about our customs and traditions, celebrate with us Maslenitsa, Ivan Kupala and Harvest Day, participate in folklore festivals, or just have a bath in Russian banya? For the outdoor enthusiasts we would offer cross-country skiing and skating in winter, to add, fishing, swimming, and barbecuing in summer.
All in all, Baryshevo is a wonderful place to roam, camera in hand, to capture the slice of life.


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