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Chita, history of town

Arina Dankanich
Form 6, School №49
Specializing in English.

In spring of 1653 cossack PeterBeketov with his army came out of Eniseisk to the Amur river to collect taxes from the Buryat. In November that year he reached the river Chita and stayed there. Before the arrival of the Cossacks local population: Buryats, Mongols,Tunguses hunted and fished. In place where river Chitinka flows in the river Ingoda, Beketov built some houses, which were called «Ingodinsky winter-abode». Winter-abode is one or two peasants’ houses, where tax collectors can safely live through all the winter. When they chose the place for winter- abode, they thought it was convinient not only for protection from enemies, but also for growing crops.
So the town of Chita was founded. The town was given the same name as the river Chita. Chita in translation from the Evenk is beresta. It was named so because on the banks of the river there were many birch trees. From a small village Chita very quickly became a big city and the center of the intersection of trade routes of China, Mongolia and Russia. In 1851 Chita for the first time became the capital of Zabaikalsky region. Chita was the capital of Far Eastern republic and then the capital of Zabaikalsky region again, because it has a very comfortable geographical position. Now it is an industrial and cultural center of the Zabaikalsky region with 325.300 people living here.


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