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A Story of a Street. (Amurskay Poem)

Ekaterina Ryumina,
a school leaver of school № 49
specializing in English

The street was called Amurskay to mark the event when the Amursky Region joined Russia and also as Governor’s tribute of respect to Zabaikalsky Cossack troops. Chita was the starting point of the exploration of the Great River Amur and the Amursky general governor of the Eastern Siberia N.N.Muravjov called it “Siberian Kronshtat” for fun. Originally in it was known as Alexandrovskay (1911-1922).Then during the years of Soviet power it was called Kalinin Street in honour of the All-Russian leader M.I. Kalinin who he came to Chita in July 1923. Later it was renamed Amurskaya Street. It was the first street in town to get back its original name “Amurskaya’’ after the town committee decided to restore the original street names. Amurskaya Street appeared as a part of the Moskovski Tract, it ran from the ostrog to the river Kaidalovka.There used to be artillery storehouses in the eastern part of the town – that’s where the street began. The street crossed Kaidalovka and ran further to the west. It changed its direction (at the place where the filling station Neftemarket is situated now) and got the new name Kastrinskaya.
Many streets in town were named after rivers: Angarskaya, Ingodinskaya, Ononskaya, Selenginskaya, Nerchinskaya, Barguzinskaya.. The town plan with such streets’ names was confirmed by the emperor Alexander in 1862. They remind of “the former town glory and Amurskaya poem”.


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