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The Republic of Karelia

Петрова Полина
Г. Москва ГБОУ №1298
Ученица 9 «В» класса,
учитель Караджаоглан Ел. Вик.

My name is Polly. I am 16 years old. I have chosen the topic about Karelia because it has a lot of wild and very beautiful places. I was in Karelia last summer. I like this country because it made me remember for ages.
The Republic of Karelia is the federal subject of Russia. The republic is located in the northwestern part of Russia, taking intervening position between the basins of White and Baltic seas. The Republic of Karelia is located in the Atlantic continental climate zone. Karelia is very rich of waters. There are more than 61000 lakes, 27000 rivers and 29 reservoirs. The largest lakes are Ladoga and Onega, the largest rivers are Vyg, Kovda, Kem, Sunna and Shuya.
The International tourist route, which is known as ‘Blue road’, passes through Karelia. This route connects Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia, has a length of 30 km along the coast of Petrozavodsk bay of Lake Onega. The best time to visit Karelia is summer and winter. You may take a view of sights. Usually they are situated near wild places. You may also make a river walk due to developed system of navigation.
The dominant religion is Orthodoxy. There is a well-known Valaam monastery in Karelia, which is located on island of Ladoga Lake. You may try a traditional Karelian food, which consists of Russian and Finish. Karelian food includes all sorts of cakes with fillings, pancakes and jelly. The national Karelian dish is pancakes with porridge. A lot of people in Karelia like fish because they live near the sea.


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