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Kazan, interesting facts

Fayzulina Arina
School № 1298

My name is Arina. I am a student of the 6th form of Moscow school № 1298, which is located in Kurkino. Moscow is my native city. My grandparents live in the beautiful city, Kazan. It is the capital of Tatarstan. This city has an interesting tower, called Tower of Sjujumbike.
Sjujumbike – it is a woman`s name which corrected the Kazan Khanate. She was very kind. By a legend Ivan the Terrible heard about her beauty and sent to Kazan men to ask Sjujumbike to become the Moscow ruler. But she refused. Then the angered Ivan the Terrible came to the walls of the city with a huge army and said that if Sjujumbike disagreed to marry, he would destroy Kazan. To rescue people in Kazan, Sjujumbike had to agree, but asked to make her an unusual wedding gift – a tower. The highest tower in Kazan had to be built in 7 days. In the first day the builders put the first circle, in the second day – the second, in the third – the third, on the seventh day the tower was finished. The wedding began. The inhabitants understood that they wouldn`t see Sjujumbike – the kind madam. Sjujumbike rose to the top of a tower last time to look at Kazan, started to cry and jumped down. The tower was named The Tower of Sjujumbike to remember is the kind Kazan ruler.


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