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Меня зовут Ха Куанг Коля, мне 15 лет.
Я ученик 8А класса школы №23
в городе Пскове.

У меня много друзей, мы сними всегда ходим вместе. Учусь я хорошо, бывает даже отлично. С иностранными языками по крайне мере у меня всё отлично. Я занимаюсь боевым искусством. Там мы учимся, как обороняться и т.д. Мне очень нравится познавать мир, то есть ездить или летать в какие-нибудь страны, или города.

Motherland is such an interesting place that everyone cannot forget it for ages. It is a land where we can find our home, friends and family. It is a place where we were born, grew up and studied. Our Motherland is important to us because here there are people who love you and you can fully rely on them.
As for me, I do not like big industrial cities. They are very noisy, dirty and sometimes dangerous. I was in Pskov. Pskov is my Motherland. It is a beautiful quiet small town. There are a lot of interesting wonderful sights in it: parks, squares, churches, museums, theatres. Pskov was built more than 1000 years ago in 903 and it has the title of “the city of military honour”.
So, one of the most famous sights, which is known all over the country is the monument to Alexander Nevsky. It was built in honour of his victory over the Teutonic Knights at Chudskoye Lake in 1242. It was created on June 24th 1993, when Pskov was celebrating its 1090th anniversary. The monument on Sokolikha Hill (Falcon Hill), just outside the town, stands along the route the Russian warriors took the “Battle on the Ice”, which determined the fate of Russia and Russian culture. So, I like this monument. It is very important to us to know the history of this monument. People say that you can’t find a person, who lives or was born in Pskov that has never seen or heard about the monument.
I love my Motherland and I am glad that I was born here. I’m very proud that Pskov is not like other cities, it is special.


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