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Radyzhny, my town stands among pine trees

Terenteva Olga,
10b form, school №8,
Raduzhny, KhMAO

Raduzhny is situated in the central part of Western Siberia, in the north-eastern part of the Khanty Mansiysk region– Ugra,170 kilometres northeast of Nizhnevartovsk, on the right bank of the river Agan, the tributary of the river Ob. The history of our town, Raduzhny, began from the development of the Vareganskoe oil and gas deposit. The Megion geology and exploring expedition searched for oil and gas on the river Agan. In 1967 the hole1 opened a gas-bearing stratum. On July 14th, 1968 a boring brigade of Master E.F. Lipkovsky began to explore hole 2. After three months, the first fountain of oil spouted from stratum V-6.The oil gave them the confidence to develop a new deposit.
Raduzhny is a zone of taiga and swamps. Forests account for 38 sq.km. They are rich in nuts, mushrooms, bilberry, blueberry, red bilberry, cranberry, cloudberry and other valuable wild plants.70 kg of cedar nuts are produced per hectare. Foxes, hares, and squirrels, non-migrated birds: black, hazel, wood, willow grouse, brown bears and elk live in forests. The numerous lakes and rivers are full of fish. The climate is distinctly continental. Winters are severe and long, with strong winds and snowstorms; summers are short and cool. The annual average temperature is minus 4 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature of January is -57˚C, the maximum temperature of July is 36 degrees above zero Celsius. Sharp fluctuation in temperature within a 24 hour period is common.


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