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"National Village" of Orenburg

Клунова Валентина Алексеевна
Клунова Валентина Алексеевна
МОБУ "СОШ №3" г. Оренбурга
учитель английского языка
первой квалификационной категории
г. Оренбург

Orenburg is not the biggest city in Russia but it is certainly one of the most beautiful ones. It has an interesting and unique history. Orenburg was founded in 1743. It is said that Orenburg is the natural divide between Europe and Asia.
Orenburg is a multinational city. The population is about 600 000 people. Many different nationalities live in Orenburg. Besides Russians here live other people: Tatars, Bashkirs, Ukranians, Kazakhs, Germans and others.
There is a unique complex-museum in the open air. It is named the "National Village" of Orenburg. It is located in the park of a name of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. The first farmstead of the "National Village" was opened in July, 2007. It was the Ukrainian homestead.
The park-museum consists of ten national farmsteads: Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Kazakh, Bashkir, Mordovian, Chuvash, Byelorussian, Armenian and German. Each of them has its own museum of history, culture and everyday life. Each farmstead has a library and a café or a restaurant with national dishes. There are hotels too. In these buildings everyone can read national books and newspapers. The opening of each farmstead was a bright event in the cultural life of our town. Artists sang national folk songs, danced a lot in national costumes.
Nowadays guests of the "National Village" can learn many useful and interesting facts about historical and cultural traditions of different nationalities of our Orenburg region.
The cultural complex the "National Village" is a model of peace and friendship.


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