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Mikhailovsk, history

Екатерина Николаевна Красикова,
к.п.н. доцент кафедры английского языка ФРГЯ,
Ставропольский государственный университет
Жеребцова Анастасия,
ученица НОУ ДО Языковой Центр “Language Force”
г. Михайловск Ставропольский кр.

Mikhailovsk is a small town in the South of Russia. Mikhailovsk is administrative center of Shpakovsky district and it’s located near the river Tashla. It was an amazing village in the past and a wonderful place in the present. Mikhailovsk was founded in 1784 as the village Mikhailovskoye, later it became a Cossacks’ village. In 1870 Mikhailovskoye lost its military value and got the status of village again. In 1963 village Mikhailovskoye was renamed into Shpakovsky in honor of the commander Shpak.
Mikhailovsk city since 1999 have a many different memorials devoted to the Second World War. There are two main monuments on the central square. It is a plane and a helicopter. These machines were used in the Second World War.
Mikhailovsk has a rich history although it is so small. It is developing and expanding. New houses and buildings appear every year. Also Mikhailovsk is called – “The city for young people” that gives you more possibilities to express yourself, to show yourself and you can just compete in different tenders. There are many schools in Mikhailovsk. Teenagers want to be bright and they have this chance.


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