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Kolomna, interesting facts

Дмитриева Анастасия Владимировна
Школа № 1298
Район Куркино города Москвы

My name is Nastya. I’m twelve years old. I live in Moscow but the first years of my life I used to live in the town of Kolomna. My Granny still lives there.
Kolomna is a small town 114km south-east of Moscow. It’s situated at the confluence of the Moskva and Oka rivers. It’s an ancient Russian town founded in 1177. It’s a bit younger than Moscow.
Like many ancient Russian cities Kolomna has a Kremlin. It’s built of red bricks. A museum is located inside. The museum is beautiful, big and interesting. Sometimes guides tell a very interesting legend about Marina Mniszech. Marina Mniszech was known as “Marinka the witch” in Russian folklore, she was a Russian tsaritsa and political adventurer in the Time of Trouble in Russian. In 1606 she married False Dmitri1 and was crowned in Uspensky cathedral. However, Marina didn’t reign long. After False Dmitri 1 had been killed Marina was imprisoned in the towers of the Kremlin in Kolomna according to the legend. Marina Mniszech was taken to Kolomna and was imprisoned in the underground of the Round Tower of Kolomna Kremlin where she died. That’s why the Tower got its name: Marinkina. At the end of the legend she turned into the magpie and flew out of the window. The legend about Marina Mniszech was interpreted from the legend about Ivan the Terrible and his struggle with so called witches. He caught all the witches and ordered to burn them. But they fooled the tsar turning into magpies and flew away. Ivan the Terrible cursed the witches to stay magpies forever.
Now Kolomna is a pretty town in the suburb of Moscow. Because of its history Kolomna is visited by many tourists from all over the world. I like my native town and I’m very proud of it.


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