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The Kolomna Kremlin

Аникеенко Наталья Николаевна,
учитель английского языка, ВКК.
Учащиеся 8 «Б» класса
Макарова Татьяна, Панина Ольга, Ковалёв Вячеслав, Гревцов Евгений.
Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение СОШ № 12

“This is a construction brought to perfection and worthy of astonishment”, wrote a traveller from Syria, Paul Aleppsky, about the Kolomna Kremlin in the 17th century. “This is a place saturated with beauty and worthy of contemplation”, the visitors could say today.
The stone-brick Kremlin in Kolomna is a unique historical spot that combines the past and the present. Situated on the banks of the Moskva and the Kolomenka Rivers it was erected in 1525-1531 instead of the wooden Kremlin at the order of Tsar Basil III to protect Kolomna, the southern border of Moscow Principality, from the enemies. The mighty walls of 3-4,5 metres wide, 18-21 metres high, 16 towers and 6 gates aroused tremor and awe in visitors and passer-bys.
Nowadays we can see only 7 towers of the Kremlin and some fragments of the wall. In the two towers- Marinkina and Granovitaya- there is a museum. Here you are an active participant: you can hold a mace and a sword in your hands, you can try on a war helmet and practise archery and arbalest shooting.
The centre of the Kremlin is Cathedral Square named so after the main church of Kolomna which is situated here - the Assumption Cathedral. In the Kremlin area there are 9 other churches and 2 convents, 2 art galleries, the Local Lore Museum, a school, cafes, souvenir shops, office buildings and just houses where ordinary people live.
The quiet streets of the Kremlin, picturesque sights, the feeling of space, the ringing of the Bell Tower echoing far away will never leave you indifferent!


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