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Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola

Сухоцкая Людмила Анатольевна
ГБУ РМЭ СПО «Йошкар-Олинский медколледж»
Преподаватель английского языка высшей категории

Mari El – the Mari Land is the territory of endless forests, picturesque rivers, lakes and springs. It is situated in the middle flow of the Volga river. Our republic is one of the most ecologically clean territories in the European part of Russia.
The capital of this wonderful land is Yoshkar-Ola (red city in the Mari language) that means “beautiful”.
One may convince of this visiting the centre of the city – Nogotkov-Obolensky square named after the city’s founder with the monument to him there, admiring the building of the National Art Gallery with “Mari Chime”, the clock tower symbolizing the Christian faith.
Walking along the Malaya Kokshaga river embankment a visitor can see the beautiful cathedrals and a monument to Tzar Fyodor Ioannovich by whose order our city was founded. After going over the bridge one can enjoy the architecture ensemble of Patriarchal square with the monuments to Alexei II, the founder of the Mari bishopric and to saint Peter and Fevronia. A great attraction here is the moving structural ensemble “12 apostoles”. Not far from the embankment there is the Kremlin.
Two nice towers, a lot of fountains, interesting sculptures make Victory and Chavain boulevards so called “Mari Arbat” very attractive. One can admire the beauty of the new Mari State Opera and Ballet Theatre and listen to the organ here. According to the 2010 results Mari El has taken the 1st place among the regions of the Russian Federation in the number of people doing sports and physical training. There are a lot of new and reconstructed sports structures in our city: stadium “Druzhba”, two ice - palaces, two water - palaces, tennis courts.
All these and some other unique objects have been erected for the years of the 21st century!
Welcome to the city of beauty and great changes!


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