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Ezhovo-Mironositsky monastery

Смоленцева Нина Михайловна
ГБУ РМЭ СПО «Йошкар-Олинский медколледж»
Преподаватель английского языка высшей категории

One of the remarkable places of the Republic of Mari El is the village of Ezhovo, where the Ezhovo-Mironositsky monastery was foundedby the order of Tsar Alexey Mihailovich in the XVII-th century. It is locatedin 15 km to the northeast from Yoshkar Ola-the capital of Mari El, on the way to Sernur. The Ezhovo-Mironositsky monastery is one of the architectural pearls of the Mari land.
The history of this monastery (Mironositsky desert) began on May, 1st in 1647 with the appearance of a wonder-working icon of the Mother of God and sacred Women-chrism- carriers to the peasant Ahtuganko. He saw the icon on the birch during field work. The rumour about this event came quickly to Tsarevokokshaisk and to the Mari land commander MatveiSpiridonov who sent walkers to Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich to tell him about this miracle and wonderful healings.The Tsar ordered to bring the icon to Moscow and to place it in the imperial chambers. In 1649 a sovereign sent the icon to Tsarev city on the Kokshagariver and ordered to begin a monastery construction on the place of the phenomenon of this image. This date is considered to be the year of the basis of Mironositsky desert. The construction of the wooden temple was over in 1652 and 67 years later, in 1719 the stone temple was lit up. The church was erected in the style of Russian classicism and its belltower decorated the monastic ensemble. In 1924 monks were expelled from the monastery. The holy site was abandoned, plundered and destroyed. The revival of Mironositsky desert as a nunnery began at the end of the XX-th century in 1993. The nuns revived it from non-existence. Sounds of bells, church services, numerous believers confirm the revival of a spiritual basis of the person. Irrespective of the season it is always cozy and beautiful!


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