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Stavropol today

ОЦ «Language Line»,
город Михайловск,
Ставропольский край
учитель - Ракитина Ольга Валерьевна;
выполнила ученица 9-го класса: Шошолина Елена

Today Stavropol is a modern multi-thousand city buried in verdure of poplars and chestnut trees. It is still the capital of Stavropol krai, which currently includes 21 towns in the total of 747 settlements. 56% of the krai populations live in towns. Almost 400 thousand of them are citizens of Stavropol. The size of its area is 66.3 square km, it’s about 0.4 % of the total territory of Russia. There are many monuments and other sights in our city. For example, the largest Lenin’s square which has beautiful flowerbeds or a big historical museum where you can know interesting information about Stavropol. The famous Guardian Angel statue which is the main symbol of the city is located opposite the Lenin`s square.
But still the most significant sight of the city is the old Central Park. Visit it and you`ll understand why. Walking along alleys of the park you can enjoy its beauty, bright colours and wonderful sounds of nature or even you can see squirrels. There are also some attractions in the park, it`s an excellent opportunity to have fun for children. Also, there are a lot of places for entertainments such as cinemas and theatres, where we can see the opening night of the month, park attractions and shops or cafes where you can just relax. Our city is decorated by numerous fountains, boulevards, alleys with tall trees and colourful flowers.
So, our Stavropol is unbelievably beautiful, sunny city which stays forever in the hearts of those who visited it.


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