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Tatar national Cuisine

Салахова Айсылу Табрисовна,
ученица 9 класса,
МБОУ «Гимназия №1» имени Мусы Джалиля,
г.Нижнекамск, Республика Татарстан.
Учитель английского языка:
Гиздатуллина Эльмира Мирзагитовна.

Tatar cuisine is a result of the historical development of the nation and its geographical location. Long relationship between the local people and their neighbours, trade partners influenced the people`s taste. The Bulgars were good cattlemen, hunters, fishermen and farmers. This is the basis of the food traditions in modern Tatarstan. Meat is widely used in Tatar national dishes: beef, lamb and horseflesh. As a rule, the Tatars don`t cook pork. The Tatars like the pastries of all kinds very much. One of their favourite ones is, perhaps, “ishpishmak”. It is a triangle-shaped pie with chopped peppered meat, potatoes and some onion. It is baked in the oven and served hot. It`s very tasty and, of course, it`s worth trying.
“Peremyach” is also a meat pie, but it is round, filled with peppered meat and little bits of onions, and it is usually fried. It is served hot, usually with a cup of broth. It`s very tasty!
Plov is one of the favourite dishes the people in Tatarstan choose to eat. It has meat, rice, onions, carrots and a lot of spices. Some hostesses like raisins and dried apricots in the plov.
If you like soups, you will probably like noodle soup and meat dumplings (pelmeni). A good hostess usually cuts very thin noodles and makes the meat dumplings herself.
The most popular drink in Tatarstan is tea. The Tatars like tea with milk, with lemon or with dried apricots. And, no doubt, sweet pastries: “chuk-chuk”, “kosh tele”, “talkysh keleve” and much more! On the table you can always see honey and jam. So, if you have a sweet tooth, you are really lucky!
But the main thing about the Tatar cuisine is not only that it`s varied and very delicious. It is more than only food. It`s a meal that unites family and friends.


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