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Murmansk Region

Ялковская Александра
МБОУ школа №36 г. Мурманска
Ученица 8 Б класса.
Учитель английского языка
Великанова Елена Яковлевна

I live in a wonderful region of our country. Some people think that it’s the end of the world. Just imagine! My region occupies the whole Kola Peninsula. Really, to the North of our city the severe Arctic Ocean stretches and the state boarder of our great country with Finland and Norway lies to the west. Only one highway and a railway road connect our region with the European part of Russia. In winter we observe Polar lights but in summer the day and the night can be mixed up (if you don’t have watches). My city Murmansk is the largest city to the North of the Arctic Circle. The influence of warm Gulfstream makes our port an unfrozen one in winter. And it’s especially important nowadays. Murmansk is one of the main ports of Northern Sea Route. Murmansk region is not only the Polar day and the Polar night. It’s a storeroom of Russian various minerals: granite, apatite, amethyst, quarts, mineral oil and different ores. All these natural resources are under our feet. Even some towns are named after these minerals, such as Apatity.
Monchegorsk is named after the river Moncha. There are 18209 rivers and 111609 lakes in our land. Our region is called the region of thousand lakes. And it’s interesting fact that nearly every lake has its own unique legend. What a lovely berries and mushrooms grow here! Cloudberry, bilberry, cowberry. If you get lost in our surroundings, you would never get hungry.
Here is the way we live there: tundra and taiga, winter activities and fishing, the Arctic Ocean and the warm Gulfstream, mineral resources and mushrooms.
The largest city in the world to the North of the Arctic Circle celebrated its 95th Birthday on October, 4th, 2011. I love you, Murmansk! You are the best in the world!
Don’t miss your chance to visit us! I think you guess why.


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