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Kurkino, ecology

Левыкина Анастасия Александровна
Школа №1298 6В

Hello! I live in Kurkino, it is the most beautiful and nice town in Russia. There are many trees, flowers and bushes.
Kurkino is five hundred years old. Before, it was a village and it was called Konstantinovskoe. And it got the name from Fedor Kuricin. He lived in the second part of the fifteenth century. Later, the name of the village gradually turned into Kurkino.
In Kurkino is really good ecology, excellent landscape. There are many avenues of birch,. Also there are garden beds with colourful flowers. Sometimes, when I go along the avenue, I feel that I am in the fairy tale.
I really like to go to the “The Valley of the River Skhodnya”. It is an incredible place. There is a river, and I think that it’s wonderful! In this river live twenty four types of fish. There are lots of great animals, and most of them are listed in the “Red Book”. And some people said about this place these words: “This place cleans the air, gives beauty and variety for our area!” and I really like to go on the picnic to this Valley, because if I looked around I would see lovely and incredible view. In this Valley you can see four types of orchids, which are not found anywhere in Moscow. Also, there are lots of restaurants. They are wonderful! I think it is really good, because there everyone can spend time with friends or family.
I really like Kurkino. I never forget this area. I’ve lived here for six years, and I understand, that it’s the best town in Russia!


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