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Глубокая Ирина Евгеньевна
Кубинская СОШ №1

Hello. My name is Irina Glubokaya, I was born on the 15 of May 1997 in town Kubinka-8. My family is not very big, I’m an only child. Now, I am a pupil of 9 form in Kubinskaya school №1. It's really beautiful and well-equipped. It’s considered to be one of the best schools of Odintsovo district. Here I am getting a proper training in all subjects but my favorite subjects are English and Maths. I don't know yet, what I’m going to be in the future, but I know for sure that my profession will be beneficial for people. As for my interests, I like reading, painting and learning foreign languages in free time. Despite all the joys and sorrows, I’m trying to be myself and enjoy the world around me.
There is no man without Motherland. Everybit of human's life is connected with it: the first child's recollections, mother's soft hands, the first true friends, the first school day and the prom night. My Motherland is a little settlement named Kubinka, where I was born and drew older. Kubinka is a part of Odintsovo district. This place has the wonderful past. The first mention of Kubinka can be found in the Russian chronicles of the XV century. In Kubinka where there is a monument nowadays there was a Brotherly grave where people buried killed soldiers. The monument looks like a frontier pillar of silver colour. It symbolized a boundary that the fascists haven't been able to pass. Nowadays 500000 persons live in Kubinka. It's the largest military base of Moscow region. There are all necessary conditions for life here such as: hospitals, shopping centers, hairdressers, 2 kindergartens, a church and a school. Our modern school is really beautiful and well equipped. It's considered to be one of the best schools of Odintsovo district. I like my school because everyone gets along with one another. There is a strong sense of belonging. We also have the Museum of Armour Machines in our settlement. It's the keeper of all native and foreign tanks. About 290 models are presented in the museum. Kubinka is also considered to be the air gates of Russia's Air Force. And due to our professional pilots nowadays Kubinka is famous as school №1 of high-standard aerobatic training. People of Kubinka like their native place. They try to keep it clean. Every spring they plant trees and take part in "subbotniks". So, I think there is no the same place like Kubinka.
We are proud of our native place!


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