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Zhavoronki – My Countryside

Кобзев Артемий, Москва,
ГОУ СОШ №1400, 4 класс.
Учитель Пронина Г.И.

I would like to tell you about my countryside or as we the Russians call it dacha. It is located about 30 kilometres to the West from Moscow along the Belorusskaya railroad. The village is called Zhavoronki. We can read about it in the anciant documents of the 16-17 centuries.It was a very poor and thinly populated village. In 1678 it was a property of the nobleman Zacetsky. In 1852 the village belonged to the wife of Zagoskin, the famous Russian writer who wrote “Yuri Miloslavsky”. Then the Aleksandrovskaya railway was built, trains began to stop here. The stop was named “Platforma of the 34th versty”. A church, a post and a house for orfans appeared here. In 1941 there was a secret service school where famous war heroes Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and Vera Voloshina were taught. Some famous writers and poets( Babaevsky, Bubenov, Dobronravov, Michalkov) lived and worked here. Now there are about 1200 houses in the village. My family has owned the dacha for over 40 years . The piece of the land was granted by the Russian government to my great-grand parents during the hard period after the Great Patriotic War. All members of my family enjoy spending time here . That`s why Zhavoronki is the best place in the world for us.


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