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Krasnouralsk, the Urals industrial town

Кузнецова Евгения, ученица11 класса
МБОУ СОШ №6 г. Красноуральск
Свердловской области
Костылева Елена Васильевна,
учитель английского языка

Krasnouralsk is a small Urals town. Its population is 25465 people. It was founded in 1931 when copper was found near the small village of Bogomolovsk. The red colour of copper gave the first part of the name of our town. The second part is the name of the Urals mountains. There are two lions on the arms of our town. They symbolize strength, power and majesty. There is also a golden mountain on the red arms. The red colour means copper and the mountain means the basic enterprise «Svyatogor».
It was copper that made our town well-known in Russia. The copper plant «Svyatogor» was built at the end of 1931. The plant was named after the fabulous warrior Svyatogor who discovered a lot of minerals in the mountains. At that time it was one of the best European and American copper enterprises because it used progressive technologies. Sergey Ustinov who was the leader of the construction of the plant became its first director. Sergey Ustinov with some workers went to the USA to learn the process of the production of copper. Then an American engineer Henry Caanta came to Krasnouralsk to help the workers of the plant.
Nowadays «Svyatogor» is still one of the most important copper smelters of our region and is directed by Vladimir Sokolov. In 1995 «Svyatogor» got the certificate of the Leader of Russian economy. The certificate says that the copper plant is one out of 5,000 leading enterprises of our country. In summer 2011 the plant celebrated its 80th anniversary and honoured famous metallurgists and family dynasties who work at «Svyatogor». A metallurgist is one of the most popular and main professions in our town. Krasnouralsk is the town of metallurgists. We are proud of it. We love it.


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