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Kolomna’s Kremlin, history

Кудинова Юлия Евгеньевна
учитель английского языка первой категории
МБОУ №2 Коломна

The main tourist attraction of our ancient town is its Kremlin. The Great Moscow Prince Vasily III ordered “to build the stone Kolomna town”. That time only Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod had stone Kremlins. On the 25 May, 1525 they began to build the stone Kremlin in Kolomna. It has taken Italian architects Alenz- the Great and the Small- 6 years to finish the construction. It is said that the masters added egg-white into the mortal to make it harder. Thatswhy the Kolomna Kremlin preserved its seven towers and some walls. You can have a guided tour round Kremlin and see that impressive building with your own eyes. The guard dressed in the uniform of the19 сеnutгy is always ready to help you. By the way the Kolomna Kremlin is the only Kremlin where people still live in small wooden houses. On its territory there are 2 convents and many churches. The visitors of our town have the opportunity to admire the picturesque surroundings of Kolomna from The Kremlin’s towers and walls. Tourists are meet by the guides dressed in the uniform of ancient Russian warriors, they have chance to see old Russian armory ,watch the fight against the Tartar invaders, compete in archery and try on the uniform .


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