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Смоленцева Ирина Николаевна
ГБОУ Республики Марий Эл
«Лицей им.М.В. Ломоносова»
Учитель английского языка высшей категории,
стаж работы - 10 лет

Yoshkar-Ola is the capital of the Mari El republic. The name means “a red city” from the Mari language. And it really is. One can’t but admire its beautiful avenues and parks, picturesque river banks with “a little Dutch town” and splendid architecture of modern buildings. There are nice music and drama theatres, art galleries, well-equipped sports centres, swimming pools, tennis courts, magnificent churches and what not.
Yoshkar-Ola is the centre of the Mari culture. You can learn the history of Mari people in the Town Kremlin. It is also the place for national holidays and different fairs. The exhibits of Mari handicraft are displayed at the National Gallery. The embroidered national clothes are still popular. Mari singers wear them at the concerts which take place every week. You can visit the National Theatre to watch a drama in Mari. Each performance is interpreted.
The citizens of Yoshkar-Ola like holidays. Among the most popular ones are Peledysh Pairem (the Flower Festival), the Day of the Town, the Shrovetide. Holidays unite all people despite their nationality. Russians, Mari, Tatars live alongside and add much to each other’s culture.
To sum up, although Yoshkar-Ola is a small town, maybe a bit provincial, but it has its own charm. If you visit Yoshkar-Ola, you are sure to admire the capital and its people, buy a couple of pretty souvenirs and even learn some Mari words. Welcome!


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