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Чипурко Татьяна
Ученица 9 А класса
МАОУ гимназии №5
г. Домодедово
Учитель английского языка-
Агарёва Людмила Анатольевна

Domodedovo is a multinational, modern, beautiful and economically developed town in Moscow Oblast, located 37 kilometers south of Moscow. Domodedovo was founded in 1900 as a settlement next to a railroad station under the same name. It was granted town status in 1947.
You can hardly find a person who didn't hear about the Domodedovo International Airport located a few kilometers away from Domodedovo. And almost everyone visited this airport traveling to Egypt, Turkey and many other countries. Since 2009, the airport is certified according to the international standards of ISO. Domodedovo – is the only airport in the Russian Federation, which can take the world's largest double-deck airliner Airbus A380.
A cultural institution is located in the village Belye Stolby - Gosfilmofond of Russia. It is one of the largest film archives of the world. Founded in 1935, today the fund has more than 65 thousand movies. There you can find not only movies from the time of the World War II, but scripts, photos, trailer and other materials related to the cinema. Every year a great number of pupils, students go to the fund to touch the history of movies, to watch their own eyes in what way the films are restored.
The other important thing that it is worth while to see is May 9 Parade. The veterans, the best school units, marching bands and representatives of other structures march along the main street. In the evening the great fireworks you can see in the sky.
We also have remarkable buildings and structures just for enjoying and viewing during the walking around the town. Welcome to Domodedovo and enjoy the atmosphere of hospitality and wonderful views of our town!


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