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Ткаченко Юлия Владиславовна,
учитель английского языка
МКОУ СОШ №1 г. Усть-Катава
Челябинской области.

I was born in a wonderful corner of Russia, Ust-Katav. Have you ever seen it on the map? I suppose most of you will give a negative answer. That’s why I invite you to my native place.
Ust-Katav is a small town built by the Demidovs, outstanding Russian industrialists, in 1758 in the South Urals in Chelyabinsk region. It has a population of 30 thousand people. Ust-Katav consists of several districts: the Centre, Malinovka, Shubino, Colonia, Shankhai, Luka, Paranino, Zashikhanka and others. These names are very unusual, aren’t they?
The main mountain in Ust-Katav is Shikhan, its symbol. It is surrounded by the pond, where you can see a lot of fishermen in any season. Zashikhanka is a paradise with Russian birches and giant poplars. Another district, Paranino, got its name after a very kind girl Paranya according to the legend. Paranino was a resort in 1930-s. The main feature of it is fresh air thanks to the pine forest.
Two rivers, the Uruzan and the Katav meet in our place. There are three unique bridges here: the Novy(New) Bridge; the Bryansky Bridge; the Frantsuzsky(French) bridge. Ust-Katav is famous for its Tram Building Plant. Our cars carry citizens of 92 cities in Russia and other countries. But the greatest treasure of this region is its nature. Some people call it «Mecca for tourists». You will find here slopes covered with forests, mysterious caves, wide valleys. You will be able to go in for boating, fishing, swimming, get mushrooms and pick berries. In winter you have excellent opportunities for snow rafting, skiing, skating and slaloming. You see that we live in a picturesque place of Russia. Welcome to Ust-Katav!


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