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Saint Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect

Прохоренко Дарья Александровна
ГБОУ СОШ №337 Невского района
учитель английского языка

Nevsky Prospect is St. Petersburg’s main avenue and one of the best-known streets in Russia. At the beginning of the XVIII century, when St.Petersburg was founded Peter I ordered to cut the clearing in the forest which would join the Admiralty and the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. It was called Bolshaya Pershpectivaya road. In 1783 the Alexander Nevsky Monastery gave the official name to the avenue “Nevsky”. In 1918 it got the name the Prospect of the 25th of October. The historical name was returned in January 13, 1944. Nevsky Prospect crosses the three main water arteries of St. Petersburg: Moika, Griboyedov Canal, Fontanka. Till 1720s they built only to Moika River, where there was the southern boundary of the city. As Bolshaya Pershpectivaya road was the main entrance to St. Petersburg they started to improve it and build new houses there. Different trade organizations appeared there. One of them was Gostiny Dvor. By the end of the XVIII century Nevsky Prospect became a “mirror” of St. Petersburg: there you could meet the representatives of all the social classes. In the second half of the XIX century with the development of capitalism the population of the city increased and they started to build actively (mostly bank buildings and tenement houses). In 1851 the railroad between St. Petersburg and Moscow was opened and as a result the ensemble of Znamenskaya Square (Vosstaniya Square) appeared. At the beginning of the XX century the first cinemas in the country were on the Nevsky Prospect. In 1907 there were the first city trams and in 1936- trolley buses. The underground appeared in 1955. Nevsky Prospect is a business, cultural, commercial center of St. Petersburg and a major transport artery.


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