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Kalar, the pearl of Zabaikalye

Aleksandr Prostakishin,
a 6 form pupil of Chita school 49,
specializing in English
Teacher - Inkina Nina Semyonovna

The most picturesque place of the Zansbaikal Region - Kalar district - will meet you with an amazing diversity of nature. An experienced traveller will find here scenery from all over the world - from alpine meadows to lunar landscapes of frost grown in the northern taiga to the arid desert. The North of Zansbaikalye is a region of mineral waters and hot springs, full of unique monuments of nature. Rare ecological purity and contrast of nature created here valuable and sometimes unique in its aesthetic, educational, therapeutic properties landscapes. Anyone who has ever visited these places becomes a captive of the harsh but beautiful region forever, who will certainly want to return here again and again.
On the territory of Kalar district there are 14 natural monuments of regional importance, but I'll tell you about Charsky sands. Here everything is unusual, because it is a desert among mountain tundra. And in the middle of the desert - an oasis - lake Alyonushka with clean water! Swimming here is fantastic, a real fairy tale!
Charsky sands is a truly extraordinary place that attracts a huge number of tourists. Native inhabitants of the area - the Evenks tell legends about the origin of the desert: "Once upon a time there lived two brothers - Kodar and Udoken. They had big herds of deer. One day the brothers found a great mountain of gold in the forest. They began to divide the gold between themselves but could not do it - everyone thought that his half was smaller. They left their families, hunting and caring for deer because they could not equally divide the gold. Gods became very angry and turned the brothers into two mountain ranges - Kodar and Udokan standing opposite each other, and gold was turned into sand."
I am proud of my Zansbaikal Region and love it greatly!


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