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Chita, Kadalinsky Palaces

Shpak Alina Ruslanovna,
School № 49 specializing in English, Form 6 B
English teacher
Inkina Nina Semyonovna

I live in Chita. It is small, but very comfortable city. There are many interesting places us museums, parks, theaters, etc. But my favorite place is «Kadalinsky Palaces».
Kadalinsky Palaces are situated in the vicinity of the city of Chita. Geological nature monument is situated in a small picturesque valley of the river Kadala, outlined by the stones and different mountains.
Tourists give own names for the many of the stone sculptures. So, for example, stone which have interesting form, like a sitting bird, is called "the bird".
The southern slope of the valley is covered with forest. On it there is one way which leads to a small cave. In the area of "Palaces" can meet different animals, such as the hare, chipmunk, siberian roe deer. Here live large birds - black woodpecker, crow. At the bottom of the valley there is the hill with an unusual name Kabinetskaya. On its south-eastern slope found the remains of various ancient plants.
Another attraction "Palaces" is a small mountain river Kadala.
"Palaces" are beautiful in any time of the year. In the spring of here grows bright rosemary. The Area of "Palaces" is famous for its archaeological monuments. Near the monument is a famous "Red Hill" - a place, formed by ancient lakes.


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