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Chita, Zabaikalie

Kolobova Valeria Alekseevna,
a 10 form pupil; school 49,
specializing in English
Chita, Zabaikalye region

"Zabaikalie is beautiful ...."
This phrase of A.Chekhov completely coincides with my attitude toward the region, where I was born, and probably will live a whole life. The territory of Zabaikalsky region is 431500 km². It's bigger than Italy, Japan, England or three quarters of France. Here more than 400 mineral springs have been explored - hot, cold, acid and alkali, sulfur and iron. Some of the samples surpass the world-famous analogs in their qualities.
It’s my duty, I think, to show our Zabaikalie to other people and slightly lift the veil of "wild taiga region", through which some people look at it. Its capital is Chita. There are a lot of little known facts about it.
For example, Chita is similar to Jerusalem in a separate aspect. Worldwide, there are only two cities, where on the same hill there are temples of three religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. In the old part of town, where Chita prison was once, on the same hill there are three places of worship: Synagogue (Ingodinsky St), Mosque (Anokhin St) and the Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael (Selenginsky St).
1653 is not the date of Chita’s foundation, as it’s commonly believed. The real date is the date of the first written mention of the settlement. Fedor Golovin’s (he was an ambassador) letter (it was written in December 1687) to the waywode Vlasov remains the earliest mention of Chita. In Chita there is a street named after Nazar Gubin. This miner repeated Captain Gastello’s feat in the battle for St. Petersburg during the Great Patriotic War.
A steam engine with double-acting cylinder was first put in practice in Zabaikalie. It was developed by Litvinov. This invention is nearly a hundred years ahead of the U.S. "novelty" - the engine of Evans.
In conclusion, i want to say that I love my native region and city very much: it's a place where my heart will leave forever.


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