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Chelyabinsk, the Eaglet

Хананов Рафкат, учащийся 5 «Д» класса
Сутягина Елена Геннадьевна
учитель английского языка
МАОУ лицей №35 г. Челябинска

The Eaglet is a monument in Chelyabinsk, it was opened October 29, 1958. It is a monument of art. The Sculptor of the Eaglet is Leo Golovnitsky, and the Architect is Eugene Alexandrov.
This monument is dedicated to Komsomol - the heroes of the October Revolution and Civil War in the Urals. The Eaglet was built by the Komsomol and the youth of the Soviet region of Chelyabinsk. Becoming an artistic landmark, a monument is among the best monuments of the Soviet sculptures. For the creation of the monument Golovnitskomu was presented the award of the Lenin Komsomol. The monument of the "Eaglet" was painted on the badges.
The bronze figure of the monument is 4 meters high, it was molded in the factory in Leningrad. The author gave a convincing character to the image of the legendary hero of the Civil War. There are the things of the adult on the boy: a shirt with a belt, pants down to your toes, big boots. The military clothing with a young child's face and body, helps to bring viewers the heroic and romantic features of that time. Unlike previous versions the sculpture differs slightly. This monument is the best. The face of the Eaglet has changed and molded. It looks more manly.
Nowadays the situation of the Eaglet has changed hands and feet of the statue, discovered his left leg, causing the figure became more stable. This added the additional features of revolutionary romanticism and musicality to the image of the hero. Another solution to the base of the statue made it possible to lift the Eaglet on a pedestal. A simple monument to a monumental change in a low impression of a certain rigor and discipline.


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