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Chelyabinsk, Kurchatov Monument

Хананов Раушан, учащийся 5 «Д» класса
Сутягина Елена Геннадьевна учитель английского языка
МАОУ лицей №35 г. Челябинска

Kurchatov Monument - a monument to the famous academician of a nuclear opened in 1986 the 250th anniversary of Chelyabinsk near the building of the South Ural State University.
The monument is a complex architectural and sculptural composition, which consists of two pylons and located between the Kurchatov statue on a pedestal. Hemisphere on the pylons represents the splitting of the atom. The height of the pylons is 27 meters. The height of the statue is 6.4 meters. The total height of the monument (with pedestal) is 11 meters.
After installation of the monument both sides of the atomic nucleus were equipped with special lights. Also in 1988 vandals damaged the entire electrical system of the monument and its lights stopped working.
However, in 2006, at the suggestion of the administration of Chelyabinsk, the 270-anniversary of the city has developed a new draft of external illumination of the atom. After the project is to reconstruct the monument to its lighting projectors carried out daily in the dark. During holidays, with the remote control illuminates the atom itself. The project is the restoration of the monument has been implemented now, "Chelyabgorsvet" and money to fund it has allocated the governor of Chelyabinsk region Pyotr Sumin.
The place near the monument is a favourite meeting place for students and youth, as well as fans of football and extreme sports.


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