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Tambov region

Терехова Оксана, Ельцова Юлия, Сотников Иван, 10 б класс
МБОУ Бондарская СОШ Бондарского района Тамбовской области
Учитель английского языка – Петрова Эльвира Александровна

If you look at the map of the Russian Federation you can see a small point not far from Moscow. It’s Tambov region. Tambov was founded in 1636 as a fortress to protect the land from the Crimean tatars. Tambov fulfilled its destination because it has never been occupied by the enemy. Nobody exactly knows what the name Tambov means. They say it means “God is here”. At the beginning of the 18th century Tambov lost its role as a fortress and became an administrative centre.
Tambov’s coat of arm is a hive and three bees on blue and green background. It reflects the ancient occupation of the people – honey-making. The symbol of Tambov region is Tambov’s wolf. There are some sayings about it, for example “Tambov wolf is your friend”. This symbol is used on many souvenirs: cups, bells, plates.
The main wealth of the region is our fertile soils. Tambov region is associated with potato and ham, rye and wheat, sugar-beet and sunflower. Tambov is connected with the names of some outstanding people such as G. Derzhavin, S. Rakhmaninov, G. Chicherin, E. Baratynskii. There is much in Tambov which fascinates visitors and inspires the affection of Tambovers: Aseyev’s palace on the bank of the river Tsna, the Drama theatre and Art Gallery, the parks and the embankment of the river Tsna.


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