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Bondary, Tambov region

Долотова Юлия, Горелкина Елизавета,Моисеенко Дмитрий, 9 класс
МБОУ Бондарская СОШ Бондарского района Тамбовской области
Учитель английского языка – Брыксина Ирина Анатольевна

Our love to Russia has begun in our native place called Bondary, it is in Tambov region. Bondary is a small village on the river Bolshoi Lomovis. It is the centre of Bondary rayon. The village had arisen in 17th century after the basis of the city Tambov and Michurinsk. Bondary was founded in1699.
The occupation of the population with barrel crafts was basis that my village had received the name Bondary. It is very beautiful with a lot of gardens full of flowers, with kind people who live and work here. Bondary rayon possesses rich fertile soils which are called black soils or chernozem. They are extremely good for agriculture. We grow rye, wheat, oat, sugar beet, potato, onion here.
In the past Bondary belonged to a land-woman, baroness Pospelova who has ordered to construct a temple on the highest place of the village in the first half of the 17th century.
The most attractive place in our village is the Saint Trinity temple. The church was constructed in the centre of the village in 1725. The first church was wooden after fire the second one was made from brick, constructed in 1839 with support of the manufacturer of Lyons. The St.Trinity temple reminds St.Isaac cathedral in a miniature. Now the temple is not only a monument of architecture, but also a place of revival of national traditions. The Sunday school operates today in the temple.
We are proud of our famous fellow –villagers. The names of the Hero of Soviet Union the General-Lieutenant Dmitry Nikolaevich Parovatkin and the hero of the Great Patriotic war Vasily Andreyevich Glazkov are well known everywhere.
The village Bondary is a nice place to live in. It is important for each person to know a history of a native place, to know our roots.


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