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Pskov, Gremjachaja Tower

Меня зовут Ануш Саакян.
Мне 15 лет и я учусь в школе №23 города Пскова.

У меня много хобби, но больше всего мне нравиться читать.

Motherland is a place where roots of a man can be found.
My name is Anush. I am 15 years old and I am a pupil. I live in Russia, a big country with millions of kind, brave and strong people. There are a lot of cities, towns and villages in Russia. I live in Pskov. I love this town and people who live there.
I am interested in legends and other mysterious tales. And, of course, there are lots of legends and tales about Pskov. All of them are very interesting but there is one legend I like most of all. It is about Gremjachaja Tower, which is situated on Gremjachaja Hill.
Gremjachaja Hill is one of the most beautiful places in Pskov. And at the same time it is the most mysterious place. A lot of legends and fairy-tales are connected with the tower, which is named Gremjachaja. One of them tells us about a rich treasure which was hidden in the secret recesses of the tower by citizens of Pskov from the enemy in ancient times. There is also a story about an enchanted princess who is still deeply asleep in the dungeon of the tower. She is dressed in a rich dress. There are countless treasures around her bed. One popular belief says: only a brave person with pure soul and thoughts will be able to wake her up and bring her back to life. He has to stay near her grave in the tower for twelve days and nights to fulfil all the orders written at the head of her grave. Then the princess will wake up after centuries of deep sleep and will become a wife of her saviour. Also, all the riches will belong to this man. A lot of young and brave men took risks to make their fortune but failed and died in a mysterious way.
This legend attracts a lot of tourists visiting Pskov. And Gremjachaja Tower still looks so mysteriously as it used to look many centuries ago.


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