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Pskov - Snyatnaya Hill and Snetogorsky Monastery

Дмитриев Евгений. 15 лет.
г. Псков 9 «А» класс МОУ «Средняя
общеобразовательная школа №23 с углубленным изучением
английского языка».

Мои любимые предметы в школе – английский и немецкий языки, история, литература. Я придерживаюсь активной жизненной позиции и стараюсь участвовать в разнообразных конкурсах, олимпиадах и состязаниях.
Я узнал о конкурсе «Интерактивная карта России» и решил внести свой небольшой вклад в ее создание, написав сочинение о своем городе.

Pskov is my native town. It’s very ancient. It was founded in 903. Pskov is also a town of military glory. It’s beautiful and cosy, green and peaceful. I like to stroll along its streets and enjoy the beauty of our town.
The town history is long and interesting. Pskov has always been a bridge into Europe and protected our country from European invaders. There are a lot of places of interest in Pskov. I want to tell you about Snyatnaya Hill and Snetogorsky Monastery.
Snyatnaya Hill is one of the most picturesque places of the Pskov land. The hill is located on the bank of the River Velikaya, five kilometers away from Pskov. This is where a monastery was founded in 12th century and it was given the name of the hill: the Snetogorsky Monastery. By the way, both the Monastery and the hill got their names after the local fish called snet’ or snetok which is very popular in the Pskov region.
In 1299 the Monastery was completely ruined by German knights. It was a very hard battle but the citizens of Pskov under Prince Dovmont won it. Soon a new monastery rose on the river bank.
The following hundred years were a dark period in the history of the Snetogotsky Monastery. Only in 17th century its construction was completed. The bell tower of Ascension Cathedral went high up into the air. Unfortunately, the Ascension Cathedral did not survive till our days. It was completely destroyed by Germans during the Great Patriotic War, while many other buildings were badly damaged.
The Snetogotsky Monastery used to be a men’s monastery, but today it’s a nunnery where nuns live and work. Now the architecture of the Monastery looks like in days of past due to the restoration works. Some unique frescoes dating back to 14th century can still be found in the walls of the Monastery. The architect of the old Pskov had a good feeling of landscape. Simple strictness of the walls and towers penciled against the dull sky winter or clouded by green leaves in summer makes the whole ensemble harmonious with beautiful scenery of the nearby villages, fields, and Pskov itself.


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