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Alexandrov, Alexandrov Sloboda

Никитина Дарья, 10 класс
Никитина Татьяна Авенировна,
учитель английского языка
МБОУ СОШ №1 с углубленным изучением английского языка
Александровского района Владимирской области

Welcome to Alexandrov, an ancient town!
In the early 15-th century the Great Prince Vasily III chose Alexandrov Sloboda for his countryside residence. It became a town in 1778 by Сatherine the Great’s order. Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible turned it into the capital of the state. During his reign Sloboda became the largest cultural centre of Russia. A lot of best architects, icon-painters, musicians lived and worked here.
Many events of Ivan IV’s private life are connected with Alexandrov Sloboda. It was the last place where his mysterious library had been seen. And, of course, everybody knows the tragical end of this Russian capital, when the Tsar killed his son Ivan.
Now the History and Architecture Art Museum “Alexandrov Sloboda” and the women’s cloister coexist on the Sloboda’s territory . There are many other historical buildings here: The Bell Tower, The Church of Dormition, the Church of Intersession and the Dormitory, the Cathedral of Trinity.
There are many expositions in Alexandrov Sloboda. The most famous ones are "The Tsar court in Alexandrov Sloboda", «Medieval cellars," "Treasures of the three centuries", "Alexandrov Sloboda”. All of them reflect the history of the formation of the Russian state, the role of Alexandrov's settlement in this important process, emphasize its importance to the European history and culture.
More than 20 extraordinary journeys into the past can be offered to you in open-air museum "Alexandrov Sloboda”: "In the Peasant's hut," "Courtship," "Village Gatherings", "Romantic Journey".
We are very glad to meet guests in our town! Welcome to Alexandrov and visit our famous museum Alexandrov Sloboda!


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