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Юдина Юлия, 8 класс ГБОУ СОШ 2032
Учитель: Марченко Е.В

My home town is Abakan. Since1992, Abakan has been the capital of Khakassia. I have a lot of different memories in this city. They are my friends, places, my home and my whole life. So what can I tell you about this city?
Abakan - was founded in 1931. Since 1928 , the city has had first two-storey house, railroad , then the club. Recently, Topiary Park has been built here. It has got a very beautiful place, where you can even find a small version of the Eiffel Tower! You should definitely visit this place when you come here. The Museum of local history is worth visiting too . It is very popular in Abakan. I used to come here since my childhood. There are interesting sights and attractions in Abakan. At the entrance of the city you can see the symbol of Abakan – Statue of ”Laura” erected in October 2006. This monument dedicates to the liquidators of the Chernobol disaster. There is also the St. Nicholas and the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, a copy of the Eiffel Tower, the architectural park- complex “Kind Angel of Peace”, the park topiary art , an arboretum, and a beautiful zoo. There are a lot of gardens, squares which occupy the most territory of the city . The most important and bright are parks: “Komsomol”, “Transfiguration” and “Eaglet”, squares: “Montenegro” and “Pushkin”. That is all I wanted to say about my city. If you want to know more, come yourself ! It’s really worth seeing!


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