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Surgut - the City Young and Old

Портер Вероника Игоревна,
ученица 9 «А» класса
МБОУ Гимназии № 4 г. Сургута

Я коренная сургутянка! Очень люблю путешествовать, побывала во многих замечательных уголках нашей страны. Но хорошо, что есть такое место на Земле как город Сургут, куда хочется возвращаться всегда!

Surgut one of the oldest settlements in Siberia. It was founded by Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century as an outpost in the Russian advance north and eastward. There are two documents which shed light on the foundation of our town: Cherepanovskaya Chroniele and the Fyodor Ioanovich decree proclaimed on the 19th of February, 1594. The Tsar ordered two Moscow princes to serve in Siberia and build a town on the Ob River. The fortress was founded on the site of a khant settlement and the local name was retained to facilitate comaels with the natives with whom the colonizers entered info agricultural, military and cultural relations. Сhoosing a sill for the town the Russian commanders were guided first of all by strategic considerations. The settlement was located at a junction of water-ways and was a good place to build defenses. The bank of the Bardakovka was found suitable for building the town of Surgut. On this location was a Bardak princeling´s settlement. Surgut was built in the summer of 1594. Surgut became the home for conviets and for the settlers who came to this area to lind new as far back as the Stone Age.
The Oil Age set in to turn the city into the heart of Russia's principal power source - Siberian oilfields. It is famous as the chief national fuel supplier and hope that in the future to come the city will remain thе basis of an expanding northern oil and gas industry. Surgut is vital transport junction, with a major river port, West Siberia's largest railway terminal and an up-to-date airport. Surgut is well-knit 270.000 strong community representing a dozen nationalities. The city providenits people every opportunitу to study and engage in researeh and other creative pursuits. They bring up children, bald houses and extract oil. Social weltare efficientlу copes with its tasks at this trying time of sweeping changes.
At present, Surgut has over seven thousand enterprises representing most diverse industries рropty forms, and its industrial progress proceeds apace. Surgut can boast by its libraries, schools, colleges, cinemas, museums and sport facilities. Surgut State University was opened in 1993.
The city has an impressive up-to-date health service, with two district centers - a clinical diagnostic trauma center; a cardiologic center will soon join them. Hospitals and outpatient clinics have the equiprint Athletics are prominent in local life. The friendship, Torch. Oil Driller, Geologist and Olympia center are known far outside the city as bases of high-class contests.
Welcome to Surgut!


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