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The Ethnographic Museum in the Open Air in Kozmodemyansk

Гаврилов Дмитрий, студент гр. Р-1;
Александрова Елена Владимировна –
преподаватель иностранных языков

An old windmill stands on the hill, open to all the winds. Once it was undeservedly forgotten and got its second life in 1980, when it was transported from one village to Kozmodemyansk and put on a high, picturesque bank of the Volga river. Passangers sailing up and down the Volga can see it from the distance of 10 km. This windmill is a symbol of our Ethnographic museum, which was opened in summer 1983. It became the main depository of relics of architecture, objects of life, labour and culture, used by farmers and handicraftsmen of Gorno-Mary region. Reanimated exhibits help to understand history better, make us proud of glorious deeds of our ancestors. The creators of the museum tried to recreate original details of architecture and life of Gorno-Mary population.
The square of the museum is more than 5 hectares. More than 60 different buildings and constructions were built on its territory, more than 2000 ancient exhibits; objects of labour and life of the gornomari were collected. The territory of the museum is fenced with different kinds of fence, which are partially preserved in the villages nowadays. The most beautiful kind of fence is paling.
A five minute walk along the wood pavement will lead you to a Mari homestead. At the end of the 19-beginning of the 20-centuries the planning of buildings in a Mari village differed little from that used in a Russian village. A bee- garden is very popular with the tourists. Its territory is paled with wattle-fence. There is a bee-keeper´s house, a storehouse for implements, a device for melting and pressing wax, for giving bees water. All the territory is lined with lime-trees, cedars and sweet-smelling herbs. Going up along the slope to the main territory of museum its visitors admire a blooming garden.
The younger generation learns much about the past, about occupations and life of their ancestors. People of the old generation have an opportunity of remembering the years of their youth.


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