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Kozlovka – a small town in the Chuvash Republic

Кирбитова Людмила Леонидовна
МБОУ «Козловская средняя общеобразовательная школа №3»
Чувашской республики

Учитель английского языка, первой категории стаж 27 лет рассказывает о своем родном городке на реке Волга.

The town of Kozlovka is situated on the west bank of the great Volga River where three republics meet. Just across the river from Kozlovka is the Mari-El Republic with its sandy beaches and pine forests. To the south, lies the Republic of Tatarstan with its historic capital of Kazan, the ancient capital of the Golden Horde. Finally, Kozlovka is a part of Chuvash Republic. The Volga River forms the northeast border and the high banks near Kozlovka allow expansive, meditative views of tributaries and islands of the Volga River. Behind Kozlovka, there are quiet, green woods occasionally cut by deep ravines or interspersed with farmland. It is no wonder that Kozlovka’s quiet setting and natural beauty attracted some interesting and famous people, such as Magnitskiy, Artsybyshev, and the mathematician Lobachevskiy. Kozlovka still has the same quiet, green alleys, old houses decorated with Chuvash motifs and a sandy beach right on the river’s edge. But many others are discovering Kozlovka just by passing by. There is the Volga River, which allows cargo and passenger ships to pass almost daily. A.N. Radishev is his book “Travel Diary from Siberia”, describes Kozlovka as a very wealthy village with a famous dock “where a lot of bread was loaded and where a lot of warehouses were built.”People in Kozlovka before the revolution were busy with the trading of eggs, bread and timber. Using the dock facilities at Kozlovka, products were taken downriver to Kazan or further south, or were taken up-river to Moscow, St. Petersburg and even on to London or Paris. The strategic geographic location helped the appearance of merchants S.T. Zabrodin, G.G. Volochtok and Baron N. Zhomini. The first school in Kozlovka was opened in 1840.While the world is literally passing by, stop and discover for yourself this small town on the Volga named Kozlovka.


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