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Dzerzhinsky, Moscow region

Богомолова Евгения, Василенко Егор, Коптелова Екатерина
Учащиеся 8 класса МБОУ СОШ №1,
г. Дзержинский Московской области.
Учитель английского языка
Логашева Лариса Викторовна

We live in Dzerzhinsky, a town of Moscow region which is situated 16 km far from Moscow. It is in the south-west and stands on the Moskva river. Dzerzhinsky is a new town but its history began in 1380 when the Prince Dmitry Donskoy stayed here on his way to the Battle of Kulikovo. An image of St. Nicholas appeared to him and inspired to be brave and courageous. It helped him to defeat the mongol-tatars and win. After the victory Dmitry Donskoy decided to construct a monastery here as a sign of gratitude. Some years later a beautiful Nicholo-Ugreshsky Monastery was built. It remembered Russian tsars Mikhail Phyodorovich and Alexey Mikhailovich Romanovs who liked to rest here and the events of the 17th century when Lzhedmitry 1 and Marina Mnishek tried to hide in the monastery from their enemies.
In 1927 the territory of the monastery was a place for homeless children and the Dzerzhinsky labour commune was organized. Later on the villages around the monastery were united and our town was founded. It received its status in 1981. Many buildings of the monastery were used as a hospital, a sport centre, workshops. The restoration of it began in 1991 under the guidance of the Patriarch Alexey 2.
A lot of tourists come to visit Nicholo- Ugreshsky Monastery and see the beauty of Dzerzhinsky with its wide streets and picturesque parks. We are proud of the Victory park, a sacred place for all of us.
Not far from the park you can see our school №1. It is the oldest school in Dzerzhinsky and has a long history too. Welcome to Dzerzhinsky and the school №1.


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