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Voronezh, Ramon estate

Колотило Надежда, 9В класс
МБОУ гимназия имени И.А. Бунина
Учитель английского языка Пономарева Г.Н.

Ramon is situated not far from Voronezh, in southwestern Russia. The landscape is beautiful here. The Voronezh river attracts a lot of holidaymakers. Many tourists visit Ramon еvery year.
Some of them are interested in the history of their native town. This land was given to Princess Eugenia of Oldenburg as a wedding present in 1879.In fact Emperor Alexander II presented this estate to his niece. The mansion was built in English style in 1883 by architect Christopher Neysler. It was finished in 1887 and included a gate house, a menagerie with a number of animals, a sugar plant. Princess Eugenia also founded a sweet factory nearby. She arranged National Park. A lot of beavers lived there. In 1902 peasants attacked and set fire to the palace, causing extensive damage. In 1917 the castle and other buildings of the estate were confiscated by the Bolsheviks, and were turned into a school and a library. During the Second World War the Nazis didn't bomb the Ramon estate as the former owner, the Duke of Oldenburg, was German. The castle's exterior is in good condition but the inside is empty. There are some Dutch stoves, the shower room. There is a secret cupboard that was only recently discovered. There was a reading room on the ground floor. There was a prayer room on the second floor. There is not much inside the castle but there was a photo exhibition in Duke Alexander's study. You can see the old sweet factory to the right of the castle. To the left down the hill you can see the Lovers' Bridge and go to the grotto where the bears used to live. In February 2010 the regional governor announced that the estate of Ramon would become a historical museum. The project will include the reconstruction and restoration of the palace.


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