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Понкрашова Ирина Вениаминовна
МАОУ Ивотская средняя общеобразовательная школа
Учитель немецкого и английского языков

Bryansk is an ancient city of Russia .It is situated 379 km south-west of Moscow on the Desna River .It has a population about half a million and a total area of 226 square km . Bryansk is one of the largest industrial city of the Russian Federation .It is divided into 4 districts :Sovetskiy ,Bezhitskiy ,Fokinskiy and Volodarskiy .The Sovetskiy district is the seat of the regional Duma ,regional administration with many departments and offices to run all the branches of industry ,agriculture ,commerce ,education ,medicine and culture .There are 4 higher education establishments in Bryansk:The State Teachers”Training University ,The State Technical University ,The State Agricultural Academy .Besides there are many colleges and secondary schools of different kinds,music and art schools.Bryansk has a large regional library,a drama theatre,a puppet theatre,a youth theatre,a modern circus,a planetarium,a lot of squares and parks.The central park named after A.Tolstoy,which is famous for its unique collection of wooden sculptures.The largest industrial plants of the town are concentrated in the Bezhitskiy district:the Bryansk Engineering Works,Steel,Automobile ,Selicate Plants,a worsted mill.Powerful diesels for ocean liners,shunting diesel locomotives,refrigerators,automobiles,items of footwear,clothing,etc .are produced there.Bryansk is one of the largest transporting centers of the Russian Federation.The passenger service of the central railway station Bryansk 1(Volodarskiy District) is wide.The passenger and goods trains go to seven directions.A new International Airport has been built to meet all demands and needs of our region.

  • Partizans Square
  • The Drama Theatre


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