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Solombala - the district of Arkhangelsk

Житникова Елена Владиславовна
Учитель английского языка
We live in the north of our country in the town of Arkhangelsk, Near the White Sea. The most beautiful district of the city is Solombala and its river Solombalka.
There are some legends about “the straw ball” on a rye field, about the ball on the boggy coast, about the “Solon” ball. The most interesting is the legend about “the straw ball”. As the legend tells once Peter I walked about the place where now the settlement is and saw some peasants. The men and the women were pressing rye in the fields. He watched the work and then he decided to give them a feast in the open air. Later Peter told Menshikov about it. But there were neither tables nor chairs. Peter asked his people to bring sheaves from the fields. Then they made some tables and chairs. The feast took its place. It was noisy and cheerful there. The tsar was pleased with his idea and then he said: “It is a real “Straw” ball”. After those words the settlement got the name Solombala.
The river Solombalka has also got a very interesting history . It is mentioned in different ancient maps and plans. In the beginning of the 20th century two rivers – The Kur’ja and the Solombalka proceeded between three Solombala’s islands. They have got their sours in the Northern Dvina: the Kur’ja flew into the Maimaksa. The Solombalka fell into the Kusnechikha. The two rivers were used for the Solombala shipyard. The Kur’ja and the Solombalka were connected by the channel 220 meters long in 1822. It exists today too. The channels of the rivers were covered with the sand because there was the ice drift and the flooding. The mouth of the Solombalka absolutely dried up in 1892. The Solombalka’s dock of the shipyard was constructed four years later.
Then the Solombalka began to dry up, to be covered with dust and to be built up. In 50s it disappeared. But you can find it as the Kur’ja received the name Solombalka.
You are welcome to our SOLOMBALA.


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