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Cherepovets - the town where I live

Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Liza Makarovskaya .I study in «All-Girls School» (Женская Гуманитарная Гимназия) in the 10th form. My hobby is dancing. One more thing I like doing most of all is speaking English. That is why I would like both to participate in the project and to say little about Cherepovets - the town where I live.

To tell the truth, Cherepovets is a very little town. Nevertheless, it has so much to attract us!
Firstly, I would like to begin by saying, that Cherepovets is a town of highly developed industry. The world-famous factory «Severstal» is here. Thousands of people work there from morning till night to make it prosperous.
Moreover, Cherepovets has a very good location indeed. It is situated on the Sheksna River and there are such cities as Moscow and Saint Petersburg near it.
Cherepovets is a town of fine arts. It is common knowledge that Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin, the greatest Russian painter-batalist, known for such works as The Apotheosis of War (1871), Suppression of the Indian Revolt by the English (1884), was brought up here. Furthermore, if you go along the streets of Cherepovets you will see a lot of museums here: the Milutins House, devoted to the head of 19th-centure town, The Usadba Galskih, Vereshagin’s museum…
After visiting these ones, I am sure that you will not be disappointed! There one can see old-fashioned furniture, different pictures, documents, photographs and what not!
Cherepovets is a center of education. There you can find plenty of schools, musical schools and schools of art. Besides it has own « University of Cherepovets»! Government tries to do all its best to develop talents of the youth. It carries on building new schools, providing them with new computers and all useful equipment.
The beauty of Cherepovets deserves a special mention. How beautiful it is at night! When everybody is sleeping there is no one in the streets, except dead silence, the moon and the lighters that are shining brightly and make our town even much more attractive than it was. We love Cherepovets and it loves us!


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