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Cherepovets is the best town in the Vologda region

Hello! My name is Harina Violetta. I study in the 10-th form of the All-girls school( "Женская гуманитарная гимназия") I have been studying English for 9 years and I think it is my cup of tea! I like the lessons of English very much because I learn something useful and also interesting every time.

Here is my compositions about my native town.

I am sure, my town is the best
With the extension from the east to the west.
It is surrounded with wide rivers,
It is populated with glorious livers.
We have a legend about origin of the town.
It was, as they say, a whity-brown.
Soon two monks settled there.
They founded this town, which became known everywhere.
Now my town is a port of five seas.
We net lots of fishes from the undersea.
We have our king from the variety of fishes.
The pike-perch is used in different dishes.
The industry prevails in our town.
Its hard laboursome work goes hands-down.
“Severstal” is the name of our plant.
It is our faithful “servant”.
The famous persons live in the town:
The skater Ivan Skobelev is the best-known.
There is a boxer-Danil Shved
Who goes only ahead.
Leonid Parfenov is the best columnist.
Nicolay Noskov is a pop artist.
Vasily Vereshchagin is our pride,
Even if he`s not alive!
He`s a famous artist! That is right!
In his honour a street of the town is called,
A lot of his gorgeous pictures are sold.
I advise you to visit Vereshchagin’s museum
Its existence in our town is real.
In summer all nature is in bloom and in green
The flowers on the garden-beds swing with wind.
The streets are clean and the air is fresh
All is calm, there is no smash.
The main things in this town for me
Are: my school and my home.
All-girls school situated here
It`s close to my heart and so near!
There is no more such a school in the region
And it is a very rational decision!
I am sure, that in everyone’s vision
Cherepovets is the best in the Vologda region!


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