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Соколова Маша
МОУ-СОШ №31 6 «Б» класс
г. Среднеуральск
Свердловская область

I am Masha Sokolova. I'm 13 years old. I study in 6"B" class, school №31, the town Sredneuralsk, Sverdlovskaya region. I really love the English language, and I aspire to master it perfectly. I want to take part in your competition and tell about my own town...
Town Sredneuralsk is located 24 kilometres north of Ekaterinburg and 8 km from the town Verkhnyaya Pyshma on the shore of the Isetskoe Lake, on the eastern slope of the Middle Urals.
Sredneuralsk is a young town, but in spite of that it has already got not a small history. The settlement Sredneuralsk is formed in connection with the beginning of construction of the Sredneuralskaya state district power plant (SuGRES). The modern town combines the unique charm of the resort landscape and the energy might of the domestic industry. Furthermore, it is located in the places of archaeological and historical sights.
On the steep bank of the lake, among the slim centuries-old pine trees, there is an iron plate built-in granite stone with words:"Here, at this place, thousands years ago, in the age of copper-eneolithic- was metallurgical plant of your distant ancestors". Isetskoe Lake gives the special charm of the town. Sredneuralsk lies on the high bank of this lake. The lake is of considerable interest for fishermen and hunters. Waterfowl game nestles in the thickets of reeds, sedges, and the marshes. There are settlements on the shores of the lake: the town Sredneuralsk, villages Koptyaki and Mursinka. In the center of the lake there are two small islands, which residents affectionately called: "Island of Love" and «Island of Separation»...
Close to Sredneuralsk in the vicinity of Koptyaki theris is now sadly famous Ganina Yama. In the midst of the Civil war-"the funeral command" under the supervision of the verkh-isetsky militants Peter Ermakov tried to hide here the bodies of those executed prisoners of Ipatiev house: the remains of Nicholas II and members of his family. In September 23, 2000, Patriarch Alexy II visited Ganina Yama and blessed the idea to build here a monastery. Anyway, today Sredneuralsk has the reputation of one of the centres of musical culture of the Middle Urals. Sports festivals play great role in the life of our town . There are traditional ski race, collecting the best sportsmen of the region, hockey matches of the elite teams, sailing regattas.
Sredneuralsk is a modern, comfortable, dynamically developing town in which I live and study. This is a town which I love.

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