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Kinel-Cherkassy is the Capital of Village Sports in Russia

Инкина Инна Ильинична,
учитель английского языка
ГБОУ Самарской области СОШ №2
«Образовательный центр» с. Кинель-Черкассы
муниципального района Кинель-Черкасский
Ряснов Степан, Пупынин Кирилл, Недобежкин Сергей,
Серафонтова Анастасия, Кирина Ксения, Ермишкина Анастасия,
Кульчихин Кирилл, Стрюкова Юлия,
учащиеся 9А класса

We live in Kinel-Cherkassy. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful villages in the Middle Volga region. It was founded by the group of Ukrainian kazaks from Cherkassy. They liked these fertile and picturesque lands on the Kinel River and settled here in 1744. It has always been a rich and prosperous settlement. The people of Kinel-Cherkassy grow corn and vegetables, breed cattle and birds. It has always been a trading village. The local church was built in 1839 and since then it has never stopped working even in the 20th century. Now the population of Kinel-Cherkassy is about 20 000 people. There are 3 secondary schools, medical and agricultural colleges, a modern hospital in our village. The children and teenagers are very fond of sports here. The most popular sports are wrestling, tennis, fitness, boxing, skiing, chess, football and track and field events. Many competitions in these sports are held in our village and our sportsmen travel all over Russia and other countries and win various contests and tournaments. There are also musical and ecological festivals held in our village which attract many guests to Kinel-Cherkassy.


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