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Anton Babiy
Form 5-A
Private School Az Buki Vedi
Teacher Pleshakova Marina Alekseevna

I am Anton Babiy. I am 11. I am in the 5th grade at School “Az Buki Vedi”, Rostov-on-Don.
I have got a hobby. It is carting.
I also like visiting interesting events. This year my parents and I saw an aviashow and the final of the carting tournament.
But best of all I liked the reconstruction of the battle Azov sitting.

Now Azov is a small town not far from Rostov-on-Don. It is situated at the Azov Sea. It is very green and very quite. But it has a glorious history. Azov, Tana in the past, was built by the Greeks, on the left bank of the river Don more than 2000 years ago. It was situated on the crossing of the main trade routes, that is why everybody tried to seize it. The Sarmats, the Hazars, the Turks owned the city in turns.
In 1637 the Cossacks captured this Azov fortress and called it Azov, a Christian town. In 1638 a huge army of the Turks encircled the fortress. The Cossacks survived bravely in the three month siege. This period was called in the history of Russia as Azov sitting.
In honour of the victory of the Cossacks some enthusiasts reconstruct the events of this Azov sitting. They wear the clothes of the Cossacks of that time, who fought in the battle; show the guns of the 17th century; pretend to be fighting the enemies.
This show impressed me greatly. I will remember the day spent in Azov for the rest of my life.


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