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Ryazan, the Theater in Sobornaya

Иванова Ангелина, form 6a
Учитель Жильцова Нина Петровна
МАОУ «Лицей № 4»
г. Рязань

There are not many theatres in Ryazan. But Ryazan citizens love them. The theatres are the Drama Theatre, the Puppet Theatre and the Theatre for Young Spectators. I’d like to say some words about the theatre which most children of our city like. This is the theatre for Young Spectators.
The Theatre for Young Spectators was opened in December 1937. It’s one of the oldest theatres for children in Russia. It is situated in the historical centre of Ryazan in Sobornaya Square. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Nowadays it is called the Theatre in Sobornaya. In its performances love and friendship are always shown at their best.
In 1939 the Children’s Theatre was noticed as one of the best children’s theatres. During World War II actors of the theatre showed 43 performances and 74 concerts. After the war the theatre performed a lot of plays by E. Shwarz, V. Kaverin and many, many other playwrights. In the mid-fifties the actors were proud that they were the first who performed the plays by V. Rosov on the stage of the theatre. In March 1964 the actors performed in Moscow where the performances were a great success. In the 90s the theatre visited Germany and France. The Theatre in Sobornaya could be called the Family Theatre because its motto is: “To play happily in the daytime for children, and act brightly in the evening for their parents”.


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